Ruby tips : Simply Carving Pumpkins

If you’ve carved pumpkins for Halloween than you know it ain’t rocket science. Suzy Cashmere (of LA) snapped the photo from a yard in Eaglebrook and says “It’s the best I’ve seen”

Make your experience brighter … like this picture.

Advance planning is the key to your carving/ painting success. A carved pumpkin will last up to a week depending on the weather so …carve close to Halloween.

Choosing your pumpkin: Large , Medium or Small

  • Large Pumpkins can be carved with most elaborate designs
  • Medium sized ones work for carving or painting.
  • Small pumpkins work best for carving traditional faces, they can be done fast and you can have many of them

Simple Tools: All you need is a large spoon or ice-cream scoop, a thin bladed knife and some newspaper.

Doin’ it

  1. Draw a circle on top of the pumpkin in preparation for making cutting a lid with an opening large enough for your hand to reach through. (of course this is all taking place on newspaper)
  2. Cut along the circle outline with a sharp knife using a back-and-forth slicing motion to cut through and remove the lid you just created , which will act as a cap.
  3. Scoop and scrape off any seeds or pulp from the lid and the inside of the pumpkin making sure you scrapped the bottom of the pumpkin flat so the candle you will insert will sit level in the pumpkin. Scrape the back wall as smooth as possible to reflect the light from your candle
  4. Draw your pattern with a felt-tip pen, or scribe the lines with a pencil. Make the features large enough for cutting. You know how tough it is from making the lid.
  5. When cleaning the pumpkin, save the seeds. Toasted pumpkin seeds are a great snack!

Lighting it

Plain white candles give off the most light.  A Votive candle in a clear glass candle holder is safer and lasts longer.

Depending on your local weather conditions during the month of October, an un-treated, carved pumpkin can have a life span anywhere from a week to only a day.

And Now..for some Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Rinse the seeds & remove all the pulp. Spread the seeds on a cookie sheet and let them dry overnight.

Sprinkle with salt and bake in a pre-heated oven (250 F) Bake about 1 hour, tossing every 15 to 20 minutes, until golden brown.                                       Cool the seeds before eating.

A well carved pumpkin will impress trick-or-treaters! Got some pictures of your own to tell us about?


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Vanishing Mist is no Fantasy or Illusion







It may be that time of year for potions and magic and  fantasy and illusions are inspiring but wouldn’t you rather Help blemishes pull a disappearing act.

Like the name implies VANISHING MIST blows blemishes away without harsh consequences! A misting spritz that vanishes on contact as it banishes bacteria and refines pores with gentle but purposeful ingredients. And it helps reduce oily shine.

Gotta know the WHAT and the WHY? Here’s the ingredient scoop. You will know what makes it work and why!

What: Salicylic Acid. You may have heard of this ingredient. We use the extract from the White Willow Bark. Native Americans were using when the Germans found out about it in the 18th century. They took the knowledge and a company named Bayer made the magical elixir into a pill called Aspirin. Now no one to this day knows quite how and why it works but as we all know it does. Imagine getting a dose of aspirin on your skin every day with just a spritz.   Why: Rids skin of trouble making bacteria and impurities .

What: Aloe Barbdensis Leaf Juice. The aloe plant has long been known for its medicinal properties to soothe and help speed healing.  Why: Accelerates the production of new skin cells, thereby lessening scarring. A robust moisturizer that promotes soothing properties and repairs damaged skin tissues.

What: Larrea Divaicata Extract. This desert plant with the most delicate yellow flowers,  was first plant to come back and grow in the desert after the nuclear tests in the Nevada. It also has a long tradition in healing with Native Americans. Why: A strong anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects against skin damage caused by over-exposure to sunlight.

What: Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit. This extract is well-known for its moisture-binding, soothing, tightening and anti-inflammatory properties and provides nourishment and a gentle softening of the skin.  Why: Soothe & soften skin. Reduces swelling.

What: Allantoin. A botanical extract from the comfrey plant that helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively. Why: We harness the effectiveness and benefits of this soothing, anti-irritant, and skin protectant that relieves skin irritation and increases the smoothness of the skin; promotes  cell proliferation and wound healing. It also Imparts a strong anti-inflammatory effect. And as an antioxidant that protects against skin damage caused by over-exposure to sunlight.

Now you know why  Vanishing Mist banishes trouble-making bacteria and is also is infused with ingredients to hydrate and heal. It’s safe & effective for all skin types, no benzoyl peroxide. You can take Kellie’s Camera word for it as she reviews the product for you on her blogspot.

It’s a breakout-fighting, vanishing mist that packs a secret to clear up blemishes without trashing the integrity of your skin.

Here’s to your spritz! XOXO


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For Beautiful Hair








Gorgeous tresses are a bonus. Taking care of your hair is always worth the effort because healthy hair is easier to maintain than dry, brittle or damaged hair.  Manage your hair routine to benefit healthy locks & get your hair lookin’ good.

Your personal daily-weekly routines will make a difference. And then there is VINEGAR. Oh yah this staple ingredient can do more than dress salads & make pickles — it’s also a fabulous all-in-one beauty product for all naturally beautiful hair.

Daily Hair Tips:

  • Wash your hair less frequently and with the right products. Line up your products that are designed for your hair type. BUT, washing your too frequently will strip the natural oils leaving you dry all over: both your scalp & hair. What’s too frequently? Shampooing twice a week is the max.
  • Styling utensils that use heat can damage hair. Be gentle with your hair when using styling utensils. Find & use a protective serum if you are using heat frequently.
  • Massage your scalp weekly. Massaging promotes blood circulation in your scalp. This will  increase oxygen flow and benefit your hair. Combine the massage with washing your hair and get two for the time of one.
  • Brushing your hair moves your natural scalp oils from roots to ends and provides environmental protection for you tresses. A boar bristle brush works wonders.
  • Eating healthy foods chock full of vitamins benefits your hair.
  • Trim your hair regularly, every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of split ends. Split ends can travel up your hair shaft. Stop it before it gets there.


Surprise: vinegar will counteract the effect of shampoos that often strip hair of its natural oils. It actually balances your hair’s natural pH levels. Used regularly it will revitalize your hair, leaving it soft and smooth!

How does it work you ask?

  • It removes clumpy residue & gunk left in hair from product buildup. It closes or seals the cuticle of hair
  • You hair will have a super healthy shine because vinegar closes the cuticle of the hair which makes light reflect off it.
  • It’s a natural de-tangler.

The Vinegar Hair Rinse
1 part vinegar
1 part water


Mix the vinegar & water together. After shampooing, pour the mixture into your hair. If you have a spray bottle, that works even better. You can spritz your hair with the mixture and massage it into your scalp. Let the vinegar concoction sit for a few minutes before rinsing fully with water. No need to use conditioner!

The vinegar will leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny.

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OH NO Phthalates Again






We Said No, But Why To Phthalates?

Banned by the European Union (EU) since 2003 but included in up to 70% of US beauty and skin-care products today, you gotta wonder why.

Phthalates pronounced “thal-ates” are endocrine disrupters and belong to a family of industrial chemicals used as plastic softeners or solvents in many different consumer products – including cosmetics and skin-care in the US. Background Facts:

  • A 2012 study by scientists at University of Columbia linked an elevated risk for childhood asthma to phthalates found in personal care products and plastic.
  • In the past year there have been a number of Harvard studies linking phthalates to type-2 diabetes , obesity and even disruptive behavior .
  • Phthalates have been shown to cause damage to the liver and reproductive system in animal studies.
  • Phthalates tend to “feminize” young developing boys, altering their brains to express more feminine characteristics.
  • In May 2005: 1st time, researchers identified an association between pregnant women’s exposure to phthalates and adverse effects on genital development in their male children.
  • High levels of exposure have been linked to the development of some cancers endpoints, and adult infertility
  • Women between the ages of 20 to 40 years have higher levels of dibutyl-phthalate in their bodies than anyone else tested.

The EU acknowledged all of this data and in 2003 banned the use of Phthalates in cosmetics in Europe.

If you’re wondering why, in 2012  Phthalates are still allowed in your everyday products in the US. You should! At this point in time

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration  does not subject cosmetics to testing in the U.S.
  • The FDA is not required to give “pre-market approval” before cosmetics are offered to consumers and cosmetic companies are not required to register information on cosmetics ingredients, or cosmetic related injuries to the FDA.
  • Individual companies are responsible for substantiating the safety of their ingredients.

It’s up to you to be informed about ingredients and figure out which products are safe for you. It’s not just about what’s IN our products, we also need a leg up on what’s NOT IN our products or, at least SHOULDN’T BE IN our products.

clickR TAKES A STAND. We begin by being EU compliant because it establishes a set of more rigorous standards. This might not be the same for all of your beauty (and non-beauty) products even if they are Euro brands!

clickR said NO to a list of ingredients. You can re-visit the info on the Ruby Rave No-NO Skin-care Ingredients .

Of course we obsess about what’s in our products and proudly discuss ingredients and results on our website where you can learn more about clickR skin-care product by product or pillar by pillar: No More Derma Drama or Figure it Out or Easy Karma

Whether you clickR or not, read ingredient labels, be informed and stay safe and healthy with a mind of your own! AND AVOID PHTHALATES!




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Magic Eyes


MAgic Eyes
Got tired eyes? Seeking a refuge for eyes assaulted by  hi-tech overload or late nights? Tell your concealer to make way for Magic Eye Cream! a beautifying ocular relief for exhausted orbs. Breathe. Apply. Sigh.

Jamie Hill, a young mom with a definite skincare point of view featured the Magic Eye Cream. “ This eye cream for me has replaced my Origins and I am not looking back! It is so smoothing and soothing at the same time. Before I ever did this review I told the company that this channel is my honest opinion, ALWAYS.” Watch Jamie\’s feature!

What’s so special about clickR’s Magic Eye Cream?  It’s an eye cream like no other, a spawn of nature’s power and scientific ingenuity. Throw in a luxe dust of diamonds, pearls, silver, and gold, and POOF! The eyes have it—all.

A Tune-up specifically made for ALL eyes: Soothes as it improves elasticity and shrinks eye bags. Stimulates when it increases cellular circulation and oxygen absorption. Softens by gently exfoliating  impurities and reduces line depth

Don’t worry, ingredients are pure and a skin-smart inspiration:selected for both nourishing and healing qualities.  Diamond Dust polishes skin gently to unveil its natural glow and  deflects foreign face invaders. Silver zaps bacteria and minimizes facial lines. Gold delivers oxygen directly into the skin to promote radiance. Plant Based roots & seeds fights under-eye bags, increases circulation and improves elasticity– Removes the signs of smiles and frowns alike by smoothing wrinkles – Enhances epidermal repair, stimulates collagen production and encourages tissue regeneration for skin that stays younger longer.

And of course, what’s NOT in Magic Eye Cream is as important as what is: NO artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or petrochemicals.NO endocrine disruptors, benzoyl peroxide or allergen fragrances.

Need a tune up for your tired eyes? Bring  some Magic Eye Cream into your life. Look rested regardless of the night, day, week before. You can do it with Magic Eye Cream.

Breathe. Apply. Sigh.

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Fall into Green with the Marlie and Me to get some Day Brilliant

Why use a moisturizer with sun protection in the fall? And how do you choose one?

Marlie and Me has some answers for us. She got some, she used it, and investigated the whole enchilada. She says: “The end of summer doesn’t mean you can put away the sunscreen. You still need sun protection especially on your face where the skin is very delicate and vulnerable to sunburn. The fall and winter months present another challenge because the harsh wind and cold are extra drying to exposed skin. So what is a woman to do?”

Get  all the reasons from ingredients , to how it feels on your skin, to what it does for you and even how natural the scent is in her full report on Marlie and Me .

“It’s been two weeks since I started using the Day Brilliant Lotion and my skin is so bright and soft despite the fact that I have been out training for a marathon in the sun, wind, and cooler temps! I am a total clickR convert  and you will be too once you try their products.”

You can learn more on the clickR website

Buy It: Day Brilliant Lotion w/ SPF 15 retails for $45 at clickR website. Also available on Amazon and

Win It:
Come back to  Marlie and Me. September 22-30 for a chance to win a jar of clickR Day Brilliant Lotion with SPF 15 in the Fall into Green Giveaway.




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What About Those Socks?








Here’s the run-down that heats up when the weather cools down. And the good news is that you can shop your closet to make the statement!

Plenty of sparkle in the tents and on the street in New York style this past week. Oh yes, it was Fashion week and now it’s over. Bold style risk takers were out as we got a ring side seat on the LOOK  from designers and street style fashionistas.

Are you ready to push the boundaries with socks? Prada, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta are doing it.

Socks The thigh-high boots trend didn’t exactly catch on last year. However, for fall, designers are still showcasing the lanky silhouette, but with cashmere socks and heels instead of boots. It’s borderline granny, cool or scary. Grab a pair of socks and try this trick to winterize. If you’re going to brave the trend, please, don’t do it with sweat socks. Are you ready to give it a try?

Here’s Prada’s take on it

There’s an evening take on it from Oscar de la Renta.








Are socks scary or fun? Any other trends you’ve spotted? Do you adapt trends right off the runway? Let us know in the comments!

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Guys Put Stuff On Their Face Too!

Kids do it. We all once did it. Getting chocolate pudding or hot cocoa on our faces was fun and we were scolded or made to clean it off. Was this delicious fun or what?

For the most, part girls kept doing it, Not only was it fun but it was expected. Yes ladies its makeup and skincare. So we get to keep putting stuff on our faces.  I ask you, SHOULD GUYS GET LEFT OUT?

We have a shout out: Guys can feel the good-for-you glam too! In fact everyone needs to. While we’re at it we clean, moisturize and repair our skin. Shaving your face does not do skin any good either.  Blemishes? Well they are just out front and can’t be covered up with makeup.

Let you favorite guy, brother, husband or friend in on it.

What is he washing and moisturizing with? Wash your face with a soap-free, sulfate-free cleanser that takes of the dirt and exfoliates dead skin cells in a non-abrasive daily wash. We recommend Daily Dermabrasion Wash that never scratches—to slough off what’s not needed and make room for what is. And that brings us to a moisturizing.  Day Brilliant Lotion with SPF 15 an innovation in skin intelligence: an oil-free daily moisturizer shields you from sun and environmental assault.

How does he soothe a shaved face? Use the Pearl wash instead of shaving cream. Then conquer the harsh reality of morning shave with a spritz from a product that cares. Why it’s Vanishing Mist of course-restores moisture balance to keep skin soft and touch worthy. Calms inflamed skin as it softens and repairs with Aloe.

Can’t he loose the drama and get rid of zits too? Get all he needs to banish breakouts and embrace his best skin yet as long as he uses it.  Make sure there’s No benzoyl peroxide!  Of course its clickR’s Mini Acne Treatment Kit or splurge on a Total Acne Face Care Kit. It means no dry, red, flaky flame-out. Radical radiance and wildly fresh skin. It comes with a backup plan in case an emergency emerges. And, he’ll see change for the better in 24 hours. It’s the whole blemish-battling, skin-loving deal. Results in 24 hours*, then day after day

Do you have any tips for guys about their skincare? For more beauty talk Like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter!

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Good For Your Face Foods







So we get it, good foods are good for you!… and they are good for your FACE!

It’s not rocket science to know that well-being is important and linked to what we eat. Can we turn what we eat into the story of our own radiant complexion? BECAUSE what you eat has everything to do with the condition of your complexion. So here are some of the little known jewels just waiting for you in your food basket

Dark Greens: (parsley spinach, broccoli and kale) These veggie miracle workers are associated with fewer wrinkles, especially crow’s-feet around the eyes. They are a source of omega-3s, the nutrient that our skin can’t get enough of.

Tomatoes, Red Peppers and other red delights: Because they are high in antioxidants and they fight sun damage from the inside out. You just can’t get enough of them.

Eggs: Always a good sources of protein, that helps to build collagen and keeps your blood sugar stable. Stabilizing sugar is important on so many levels and they help to contain breakouts.

Greens such as Green Beans: High levels of lutein mean these greens provide additional defense against damage caused by the Sun’s UV rays. These plant based veggies also support thick healthy hair and strong nails.

Baked Potatoes: Eat one baked potato (with the skin) to get 75% of your daily copper need.
This essential mineral works with vitamin C and zinc to produce the elastin fibers that support skin structure. Too little copper in your diet can reduce your skin’s ability to heal and cause it to become rigid and lifeless igniting acne, wrinkles, and rashes.

Avocados: This creamy, green fruit is abundant in essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin, inside and out.

Mushrooms: This fungus isn’t just for soup! It’s rich in riboflavin, a B vitamin that’s vital to your skin. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is involved in tissue maintenance and repair and improves skin blemishes caused by rosacea.

Mangoes & Pomegranates: Great for your complexion and high in antioxidants which help prevent premature ageing.

How about turning your shopping trip to a farmer’s market into glorious meals and snacks!
Questions about a good diet supporting your complexion? Suggestions for a good diet supporting your complexion? Leave a comment below….

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Ruby Raps: Summer to Fall Skin Care Switch Up

You wouldn’t wear flip flops in November would you (well unless you live somewhere warm and tropical, in which case we envy you)? What we’re getting at is, just like you change your clothes with the seasons, you should change your skin care too. We recommend a Summer to Fall skin care switch up to keep your skin as perfect as it can be and for as long as possible.

Inside Out: Staying active benefits your mind, body and skin. Don’t let the cooler temps sway you from getting your heart rate up. Hit the gym, work out at home, or bundle up and go for a long walk outside.

SPF 365/24/7: Don’t eliminate SPF from daily routine just because Summer is over. Protecting skin from the sun is always important, regardless of skin type. Use a formula SPF is free of parabens, fragrance and oils. We think we know one that fits the bill – Day Brilliant Lotion w/SPF 15.

Back to Basics: It’s easy to forget the importance of the most basic skin care steps: cleansing and moisturizing. Lower humidity levels mean you should change the way, but not the amount, that you wash and hydrate your face. It’s important to use a gentle soap-free, sulfate-free facial cleanser that doesn’t strip skin of natural oils while taking off dirt and makeup. We nominate Pearl Wash for the job.

Out with the Old, in with the New: Your season skin transition is not complete without sloughing off dry summer skin. Time to exfoliate; but don’t overdo it. Never over exfoliate skin, once every 3-10 days is sufficient. Avoid harsh physical exfoliates such as nuts, shells, and harsh crystals. In addition to removing dead skin cells, exfoliating allows your skincare products’ active ingredients to penetrate into the skin. Our go-to exfoliate: Daily Dermabrasion Wash

Pump up the Radiance: Serums are rich in anti-oxidants and they nourish and hydrate to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. They also boost moisture to skin and deliver essential nutrition. Serums can be used alone or under a moisturizer. Diamond Dust Skin Polisher does it all and is perfect for seasonal transition. It’s anti-oxidant rich and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boosts moisture and leaves skin radiant.

Head to Toe: While paying the necessary extra attention to your skin care routine, don’t forget the rest of your body. Fall is a great time to implement a regimen
Do you have any tips for transition your skin care routine from summer to fall? For more beauty talk Like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter!

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