Ruby Rave – Larrea Divaricata Extract (Chaparral)

When you think of creosote, you think of the winter right? After all, it’s the black sooty tar that sticks to the inside of your chimney after a nice roaring fire.

Ready for this? There’s actually a plant called the Creosote Bush that is synonymous with a refreshed complexion. (We’ll take “Things That Make No Sense for $500,” Alex.) Unlike that thick fireplace ick, your skin is healthier for knowing this plant during the sunnier months. The burning question—why?

The Creosote Bush is a common desert shrub native to the Southwestern United States, (for all you Latin lovers, it’s called Larrea tridentata and Larrea divaricata). This strong-scented, olive green bush reaches six feet tall and the leaves, poking through some serious thorns and pretty yellow wildflowers, are covered in a shiny, smelly black resin. Light bulb moment—this might be where it got its name Creosote.

The purpose of this resin is genus…it protects the plant from UV radiation and reduces water loss in the hot desert sun. We think we’re onto something. Chaparral is an extract of this plant that, when applied to the skin, can have a remarkable healing effect. Especially against sun damage. The antioxidant in the extract imparts a strong anti-inflammatory effect, so that it calms and eases any sun damage while also keeping your skin safe from overexposure to sunlight. Minus all the black stickiness, of course.

It’s definitely NOT an SPF, but it will undo what you’ve done in the sun, along with keeping skin ultra moisturized by binding that life-giving hydration to the skin. For hundreds of years, Native American healers also used it medicinally as a tea from the leaves and stems. We’ll always drink to beauty.

clickR has Larrea divaricata extract in its Vanishing Mist, perfect for morning and night-time spritzing (never actually in the sun) for when you think your skin has had enough.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Eric in SF

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