Ruby Review: Madison Hebert Shines a Light on Day Brilliant Lotion with SPF 15

Don’t be fooled, just because the sun’s rays have been hiding since we turned back the clocks doesn’t mean that they’re not dangerous! They are just as potent in December as they are in July. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of SPF with a Day Brilliant Lotion review from the lovely Madison Hebert. Trust us; this lady has some gorg skin so listen up!

“I have been wearing sunscreen every day since I was 14.

And it was because I wanted to age as beautifully as my grandmother has. My grandmother did everything she could to avoid the sun. To this day she wears big sunglasses, and always wears sunscreens and creams. And let me tell you, she has the skin to prove it. She is 76 years old, never had any cosmetic work done in her life and she has the skin of someone less than half her age. Yes, she has terrific genetics,but she has worked really hard to get the skin she has today. And, beautiful does not do her (or her skin) justice. At 14, I did not quite understand the correlation between wrinkling and the sun, but I started to read about skincare because of all of the problems I encountered with my own skin (I was NOT genetically blessed to be without blemishes in my teens!)Trying to figure out my own skin is what got me into skincare.

So, I do know a thing or two about sunscreens. ClickR Day Brilliant Lotion SPF 15 is my relatively new favorite!”

To continue reading Madison’s post on Lauren Beauty Tips, click-R your way over here. And be sure to show Madison some love on twitter @madihebert

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