Ruby Rave: Silver

Did you know there’s a silver lining to derma drama? You probably think we’re nuts! But there is! Ready for it….Silver. Yep, this tried and true bacteria-fighting ingredient  is effective for acne control and a laundry list of other skin woes.

Silver has been used for healing and treating skin ailments for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations were fully aware of silver’s ability to disinfect. Manuscripts left behind discuss in detail mention the practice of placing water in silver vessels in order to disinfect. Fast-forward to the Middle Ages and silver was being used to treat open wounds during battle, with fantastic results.

Time travel again, we’re now in the 20th Century. Over 70% of the hospital burn units in the United States use a silver-based cream (Silvadene) as a preventative in order to treat infection in burn patients. Various studies have shown colloidal silver has been to be able to kill over 650 microorganisms. There are numerous tests that have been done in that have pitted colloidal silver put up against the leading antibiotics. Can you guess who comes out victorious? Colloidal silver wins hands down every time. None of these microorganisms can last longer than 6 minutes in colloidal silver.

You guessed it. With an impressive track record like this ingredient was on our must have list. You’ll find it working its anti-bacterial fighting power in our Figure Out Products (Day Brilliant Lotion with SPF15 and Stop-Time Night Cream) where it puts the one two punch on bacteria and fine facial lines and wrinkles.

Now that you’ve already adorned yourself with gold, it’s time to suit up with silver and give yourself a literal “silver lining”.

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