Ruby Tips: 5 Things You Should Do For A Friend Post-Breakup

Let’s be real, it usually take kissing a few frogs before we wind up with a Prince Charming. Which means, having to deal with some not so nice breakups. So what do you do? Turn to your besties, of course; duh! And sometimes that means your BFF is coming to you. Next time you have a heartbroken friend on your hands here’s a few things to say and do to help mend her broken heart.

Listen to them. A good venting session will be needed. Let her (or him) go on, and on, and on until they’ve got it all out.

Tell them. After talking about her relationship problems your friend will most likely feel she’s being an annoyance, when she’s obivisouly  not. What are friends for anyways? Once they finish ranting, ask “What else?”. Those two little words will reassure her she’s not bothering you and that you are truly there for her to lean on for as long as she needs.

Reassure them. If you’ve been through a breakup you know that yucky, dejected, “am I not pretty enough” feeling that comes along with it. Make sure to remind your friend how beautiful, funny, smart, and caring they are. It’s easy to feel post-breakup that you’ve missed your chance on the love boat. Let your friend know that though it might not seem it now, she will find love again.

Distract them. After crying and venting sometimes you just need to get out and get your mind off things. Go shopping, out to dinner, for a run, whatever activity the two of you enjoy.

Get them. This one will get you the title of “Best Friend For Life”.  It’s said that when you break up with a romantic partner, you often miss the touch as much as the actual person. Your body can physically miss them. So, why not get your friend a massage? It will help her feel touched, relaxed and pampered–and help release endorphins to make her feel happier. Like we said, “Best Friend For Life” status right there.

What are your tips for helping a friend through a breakup? We’d love to know, leave a comment below. Our friend Stephanie (@Newbeautyreview on twitter – follow her!) gave us a great one; take her cell phone away for a night! Reduce the temptation to send and ex-text!

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